On the Colorado Shooter by realitylove
July 31, 2012, 1:19 am
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So, I had some interesting feelings a few days ago that led me to ask “given the Colorado Shooter, what is source seeking to help me remember?”

Here’s part of what I received:

“…there is hope and light and love in this situation. it is that the deaths of those who have gone into a new form are truly better off than they were here, and it was time for them to make their transitions. it is only those who are left here that are suffering due to the attachment and fears of death. yes.  these things happen. it is a part of the cycle of life. destruction, war, violence. this scale has gone on for as long as life exits. it is in nature in the microcosm and macrocosm. this is how life transforms. do not fear death. do not feel sad for all those who have gone on. feel compassion for those who are still here and suffering due to attachment. but celebrate that life knows what “it” is doing allowing such a man to make decisions as he did. all is well and always is. trust life and know that the best and highest good is underway, even thought it would be easy to question this.. “

How thoughts and feelings dictate your life by johnhstringer
April 19, 2011, 6:41 pm
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Excerpt from recent guidance received from the inner being / spirit:

“…instead of embracing your life and moving from a place of true power
you instead move from a  place of contraction, of limitation and of resistance
and you attract more of the same
the desires you go after only bring you more suffering, more resistance, more pain, amplifying that which is already within
likewise, when you are content and happy, when you are grateful for what is,
you bring into your life more that amplifies these thoughts and feelings
life is about consistent growth
so if your thoughts and feelings are those of fear and resistance
you will receive more circumstances that amplify the same
if your thoughts and feelings are of love and gratitude, joy and peace
you will receive circumstances that amplify the same…”

This peace, this bliss now is yours – Claim it by johnhstringer
March 23, 2011, 3:59 pm
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The following is received from the inner being, that part of al of us that is a direct extension of source / spirit:

wherever you are know that there is divine order
there is good and there is love
there is god and there is light
no matter the appearance
the feelings the thoughts you are undergoing
recognize this truth
all is well and always is
choose instead peace trust and love
choose instead relief choose the thoughts of power
that you are love
that you are able to do what source has for you
and that you can be in the flow from moment to moment regardless of appearances
that you are already blessed
that you are the divine creator’s own incarnation and are here to do miraculous things
from your own inner power and that which runs through all life
for it is you and you are it
no need to completely comprehend
you only need accept this birthright and the power is yours
know in this moment all good is yours now
and that all you need do is let go of that which has separates you through illusion
you can tap into this vibration now and allow all your good to flow
through gratitude through thoughts and feelings of love
passion joy
this peace this bliss now is yours claim it
receive it
do what you must by choosing it
and this is what is required of you
this is what the events of the world the events of your life
are ushering you to
choose now love
and so it is

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Part 2 – On Violence against Humanity and Nature by johnhstringer
March 9, 2011, 7:12 pm
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If you didn’t read the original question on this topic, you can do so here.  Below, you’ll find my follow-up question and the answer received via the inner being.

JOHN:   So, this {answer} seems to give license to “transforming form” indiscriminately (e.g. indiscriminate killing, deforestation, etc.)?

ANSWER: This is not a license to transform indiscriminately, for as you align with what is real, as you allow source to unfold through and as you, you will only transform what is best and highest. You will only act in the best interest of all that is.  Yes.  Therefore, there is nothing to fear.
Not even those acting in what appears as contrary to the will of source. There is no such thing. There is only illusion of such.  Truth is always present.

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7-Day Being Experiment | Moment of Reality Love | On Violence against Humanity and Nature by johnhstringer
March 7, 2011, 4:31 pm
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As you may have noticed, I have not been gudied to send daily messages much this year, but I do have some new updates for you….

First, you can now sign up for the 7-Day Being Experiment to participate in a free experiment that assists you in being your best and highest self. Details are at http://www.lifecoachade.com/realitylove7

Also, tune into www.LifeConversationsRadio.com w/ Life Coach Ade at 12PM Eastern today as I join in for a weekly segment called a “Moment of Reality Love.”  We’ll make a special announcement that I think you will really appreciate.


Finally, the following is a message received some time ago that seems fitting for todays show on LifeConversationsRadio.com

JOHN: With the sort of violence occurring in Darfur and around the world (and in the past) , how does source see this… what is the best and highest view/understanding of this sort of violence against humanity, and even against nature (deforestation)?

RL: The answer you seek is what you know:  that all is perfect and these things are illusion for that which is real cannot be harmed and cannot be destroyed.  Your role is alignment from moment to moment indeed and allowing the things that unfold around you to happen without judgment without anger, without resistance, yes.  You only need concentrate on the actual now, not that which is in your head.  Don’t get uspset about all the things reported on and get in a hostile mood to take action. The reality is your role is divine light.   See the world as it truly is, not the illusions. See the balance of the universe.   Source would never harm itself and that includes the extensions of source.  For when you act in a way that harms the form, you have only caused a transformation, but the spirit remains and the essence is forever. always perfect. yes.

Do not fear any harm, do not be enraged by any so called loss or death, for the reality is whatever humans do to humans – to nature – is only a transformation. It is truly not bad or evil. yes. this includes all so called tragedy. It is a transformation. This includes killing insects, plants, etc..  It is a transformation. yes.  Transition to spirit and matter to be reincarnated in some other form. indeed. yes. do not fear harm. do not fear death. know that all is well and always is. know that you are one with the divine creator and nothing can befall you that the divine is not aware of. understand that you have died many deaths already and will again die, but you will transform only. it is a part of this journey. yes yes yes.

you have plenty of time left to live the life you dream and you will. Only think of now and be grateful for all that is. enjoy life to the fullest and be grateful for all you are all you have all you do.  and so it is.

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Surrender to the will of source within you by johnhstringer
March 2, 2011, 3:20 pm
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it is time indeed
for every moment is the time to surrender to the divine will of source
every moment is God’s moment
and should you but surrender
listen and follow what you receive
there will be no separation for you from the will of source
and the divine experience you are here to have
through surrender you release all illusion through trust and following inspiration
you allow the light of source to flow freely through you and come into contact with all that this experience has for you
when you do not surrender when you do not seek and ask
the good is still here
but you do not experience the best and highest path
you receive what you need to keep you in the flow of balance
for there is reciprocity in all things
and understand that as you surrender now
and allow
that reciprocity will surrender to the will of source within you
the path and blueprint for your soul will be built expeditiously if you will
know that all good is here now and you will expand your experience of it to heightened
levels as you surrender
as you allow
as you align indeed
and so it is

– From that which is within you, within me, within all that is

Where love is, there is no imperfection by johnhstringer
March 1, 2011, 1:05 pm
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Hear now and understand the love
the divine light
the blessing that is
that you are
that all is
that life itself brings in this moment
rich indeed
abundant and lacking no good thing
see now that this is your understanding of now
this is your understanding moment to moment
let not any appearance, any circumstance any thing seen or unseen
allow you to think less of now
for all that is is perfect in every way
including you
all life is love
and indeed where love is
there is no imperfection
realize that you are indeed love
you are indeed perfect
as is all that is living
as is all that is real
anything you experience that is imperfect is an illusion
and is not real
is not true
for truth is perfect in every way
your perception is the only thing that brings imperfection into your mind
it is not real and not true
therefore you only bring imperfection into you awareness by choosing that which is not
by choosing to imagine what you perceive in a fictitious way
you have the power and the choice to let go of all illusion
and instead embrace and experience the truth now
see the world in its true sinless state
by deciding to let go of the concept of sin
see the world in its perfection by deciding to release the idea of the imperfect
and embrace the truth of what is now yes
and so it is
ashe ashe ashe

– From the divine within you, within me, within all life

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