11:11: Getting to know your Spirit Guide by johnhstringer
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…Your understanding is not what limits your view of God.  What limits your view of God is what you allow yourself to see.  What you allow yourself to see is defined by how you interpret what you see.

Where we are taking you is a new definition of what you see.  A definition not confined to your old beliefs but one defined by Limitless Love.  Limitless Love.

We are here to help direct you toward your path in limitless love.  It is not hard to allow us through.  It is as easy as letting go of your old frame of mind and deciding to understand Limitless Love.”

Reality / Love

“I will remind all that love is the only thing that fulfills.”  – Reality/Love

As the About page of this blog explains, this site originally began as a way for me to publish the answers received by my spirit guide in response to questions from readers, my wife and I.   It has since evolved into an archive of many of those questions and answers along with many daily messages from both my spirit guide and, the most recent, from the Inner Being.  The difference between the Inner Being and Spirit Guides is that the inner being is your true, best and highest self – your direct essence that is the direct extension of source existing as you, in you.  It is where all knowledge, wisdom and power reside as light and love, awaiting your conscious surrender to tap in and receive what you are here to receive.  A Spirit Guide, is a non-physical collective consciousness, assigned by source to guide you.

The following tells you more about my personal journey and how I began tapping into this power.

My name is John Stringer and  I first made conscious communication with my spirit guide in February, 2008, and since then, my wife, Kathy, and I (we are “channel partners”) have asked my spirit guide questions for our own benefit and on behalf of  many friends and visitors to this site.   The answers have been profound and simple, ringing with a certain unmistakable truth for us, and have lead me to finally tapping directly into the true source of power within us all.  I share this post in hopes that those who can relate to this story might benefit from it and fully embrace the path they are being lead to as well as to explain the intention of this site.













I was never one to believe in spirit guides.  In fact, I was brought up in a Southern-Christian home where speaking with spirits or any such “nonsense” was considered taboo and even “evil” or Satanic.  Granted, we prayed to Jesus and God, but that was the extent of communication with the non-physical.  So how did I go from that to communicating with my spirit guide  and my inner being?











SEEING 11:11
The first way I began recognizing my spirit guide was getting my attention was when I began noticing 11:11 on the digital clock repeatedly.  Other series of numbers like 3:33, 4:44, etc. eventually emerged, but 11:11 was the start. So much so that I hit the Internet to figure out why it was happening.


I found a few sites, including http://www.1111spiritguardians.com, explaining that this was my spirit guide trying to get my attention.  Of course, I dismissed this as silly b/c I really didn’t believe in spirit guides.

I continued meditating, studying and seeking truth while not quite understanding the frequent 11:11 “coincidences.”


That all changed for me over the course of time culminating late one night, meditating, when I received my first “channeled” message from my spirit guide.  Of course, I wondered what was happening since the way the message came through for me was very peculiar – as if I felt energy flowing through me and forcing my mouth to form the words as the actual meaning of what I was mouthing came clearly to my mind.  I had tapped into that same energy many times before meditating, and it had even moved my head, body, arms and legs, but never had it formed words with my mouth until this particular night.

Over the proceeding month, I was lead to various sources of information, including the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Paramhansa Yogananda and others on a similar path to God/Source/Alignment.  After a friend of wife’s sent us a CD of the teachings of Abraham,  I became much more curios about spirit guides b/c the teachings lined up so well with the principles that were radically helping me change my life.   I researched more on how Esther & Jerry Hicks made contact with Abraham and my wife and I decided to try the advice they were given when they first made contact.


That day was Feb 11th (2/11) and we made contact with my spirit guide who identified himself as simply “I am Reality I am /Love” and whom we now call “RL” for short:


MY WIFE asks: “And you are Reality.. that is your name?”

REALITY/LOVE:  “I am Reality and I am Love. “

MY WIFE  : hmm.. Good things to be.  (chuckle)

REALITY/LOVE: Yes.  My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.

From that day on, my wife, Kathy, served as my partner in this process and helped me record the conversations and ask questions of our own and a few friends, as we were told to only share with like-minded people for the time being.  RL eventually gave us direction/permission to share the teachings received with others in both the questions and answers as well as through daily stream of consciousness writings.

What I finally understood was that my spirit guides were all the time guiding me to my own inner being, my direct source of guidance and power, and I was eventually guided to publish messages I receive through this means.

So, welcome to the site we’ve set up to do so!  Please search the posts and use the link in the left column to ask your questions!


Though I identify myself, I will share the same explanation RL first gave my wife (Kathy) and I, “My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.”


If you would like to receive weekly updates regarding answers received, spiritual practices and daily words of hope & abundance, I invite you to join my email list at http://www.snipurl.com/myrn

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Wooow! I see 11:11 all the time in so many different places. Thanks alot.

Comment by kissofdanger

You are welcome.

Comment by johnhstringer

Thank you for your wonderful insight. I have been in contact with my spirit guide as well. My path started after experiencing great pain, when my twin brother became ill. My spirit guide appeared and told me “He will live, but it will not look like what you thin it will look like.”. I too was led to Eckart Tolle. My journey then led to ho’oponopono nad Kaballah. It too started a website with a similar message to your beautiful and positive words.

I believe it is just as Eckart said in “A new Earth.” A new consciousness is growing, one which will change the world.

Thank you and here’s to being kindred spirits.

Dave Nowick

Comment by toughsmart

Thanks for visiting, Dave. I visited your website and left a message as well. Thanks for sharing it!

Comment by johnhstringer

John, this is such a great story of how things that are meant to be come about. I love seeing transformation in people’s lives like this. Spiritual alchemy, to me, is a raising of vibration and a shifting and broadening of perspective.

Comment by Katrina

Thanks for reading it. Spiritual alchemy is a great term!

Comment by johnhstringer

Hi John and Kathy,
I came across your blog through a link on WordPress’s ‘Blogs about: Thoughts’ page.

My wife Cynthia and I recently started a blog with a similar purpose. Cynthia is also able to speak for non-physical consciousness and I partner with her to record sessions, ask questions, and write posts.

Lately I find myself thinking a lot about how to write content that helps readers have more of an emotional experience of the love that is the basis of all that is, in addition to a conceptual understanding. It’s quite a challenge.

It’s interesting to come across another blog with such similar intention. I’m curious how many other couples have similar projects. Best of luck.


Comment by Cynthia & Bob

Just read your sharing of how you came into contact with your spirit guide. I found it interesting that you mentioned the number 3. As you probably know, 3 is a power number and has been very significant throughout historical events.

Thought I’d share with you that the number 5 and 10/10 keep appearing in my life. Any thoughts?

Comment by Theresa

Hey Theresa! Pardon the delay. Thanks for heads up on 3.. I actually looked into it a bit more, as well as 5. Here is a neat resource for numerology (among other things) – http://www.whats-your-sign.com/spiritual-meaning-of-numbers.html It gives general, accurate meanings.

Comment by johnhstringer

Thank you for the link, let me suggest this reference to the number 3 to you: Buddhism has the three refuges of the Buddha (the enlightened/enlightenment), the dharma (the truth) and the sangha (the community). The second link shows the myriad of Buddhist number meanings.

Generally, three is significant because it is dynamic. The triangle is a dynamic shape (a square or hexagon is more even). The number three is prime, thus irreducible. And a trio in conversation will always be less predicable than a familiar two or four (who may break into two familiar groups in two).

The number six is two opposing groups of three…often good and evil.

The number nine is three groups of three, so some consider this the perfect number.

In short, religions seek to describe the universal, that which is unified and indivisible. The number one, while optimal, doesn’t serve this purpose because describing the one as one is tautological. So three serves this purpose better as the next most indivisible number, while it expresses the possibility of change or dynamism.

Also consider:Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Holy Trinity
Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet – Unholy Trinity

Comment by Theresa

Most appreciated and informative, Theresa. Interesting that our street address is 333..

Comment by johnhstringer

I have also seen 11:11 as well as 1:11 on a daily basis for years without a miss. Lately, I only see it once in awhile. I have always felt a sense of doing something great in my life, that feeling is beginning to feel like a bit of a curse as of late.
Thanks for making this Blog I am glad I found it!

Comment by John

Also just noticed this post was originally on Feb 22 Which is my Birth date…just saying.

Comment by John

Happy Birthday!

Comment by realitylove

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