Is Ask, Believe, and Receive True for Anything? Why you are here. by realitylove

Is “ask, believe, and receive” true for anything?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):

Ask, Believe and Receive is true for anything that is of like vibration as your intention. If your true intention is not of like vibration as that which you ask, you will not receive it.

When you are not receiving, that is the time to look and understand your true intentions b/c your true intentions do not necessarily reflect what you are asking.

Its always so.

Like example.. your current situation has been brought on b/c of your collective intentions. Whenever there are conflicting intentions, which does happen, conflicting circumstances occur. This is often the cause besides confusion.  Now, the process of clarity, the process and practice of understanding your true intentions in what ever path you chose is necessary in any endeavor you ask, believe and do not receive.

Alignment is essential. Alignment is key to clearly identifying your intentions. And as you know, practice leads to your alignment with Source. Practice and repetition in the path that most works for you.

I know that your concern is currently financial in nature and in the welfare of those you love most, but understand your most important concern must be alignment with Source. It is the key to fulfilling all you TRULY desire.

And as you are coming to understand Source – through practice, through study, through meditation, through our communication – your alignment will continue to increase and grow stronger and stronger and whatever you desire will see no limit.

Allow your inner guide. Allowing your inner-self, allowing your inner-power to grow through your practice will align you with Source. Every meditation, every physical good thing, every enjoyment in your life will assist.

You are limitless beings who have come through to fulfill what you knew before you came. Now the process of growth and alignment is an experience to cherish, an experience to enjoy, an experience to adore as you let your self fulfill and understand your true nature in every aspect.

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