Spiritually guiding your child by johnhstringer
March 13, 2009, 3:48 pm
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Anonymous:  I had a question about {my child}. In reading Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, it seems like it is best for your children to let them create their own reality and I’m confused about how to do that.  With {my child}, if she wants to do something that maybe I don’t think is a good idea but its something that she really wants to do, I’m wondering if its best to just allow her to do things or when do I step in and say that’s not appropriate?

:  What you are experiencing is the very meaning of learning what it is to guide your daughter toward her own preference.  It is important to establish trust, establish support for her in this role.

Your role as a supporting guide is to give her the very things she desires within the frame of love.  So if there are situations where you see there are pitfalls, then it is your responsibility to help guide her beyond the pitfalls and help her see what it is to learn from her experiences.  Your role is not to dictate her choices but help her make the best choices in every situation.  It is not your responsibility to control her decisions.  It is not your responsibility to limit her unless there is harm or danger involved.  Your responsibility is to help guide her the best you can.  It is possible to do your best as you go, as you learn and as you experience your own path.  That is key.  THAT IS KEY.

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