On the difference between Inner Guidance, Higher Self, Spirit Guides & Source by realitylove

ANON: What is the difference between my inner guidance, higher self and my spirit guide? If different, do I or will I be able to operate from my higher self and is that part of the plan of life for everyone?

RL: As we have discussed before, it is the plan for you to align with source and in doing so, your consciousness will go to a higher point; a great awareness and a union with the mind of source. A union with the one mind that exists in all. This is a path for anyone who wishes to seek it. A path of greatest fulfillment for all mankind; however, not everyone will seek or choose this path. That is the reality of what is. Yes.

You must simply continue practicing, continue seeking, continue experiencing, continue building your presence, your vibration, your alignment with source and you will get everything that is coming to you, everything that is meant for you.

There is no difference between the mind of source and your mind once you are in alignment from moment to moment. Once you have risen to the highest vibration. There is only separation when conditioned thoughts come in and are accepted as truth. You are simply learning to eliminate those mistakes and accept the well being that is already here for you. Yes.

You must simply continue learning, continue experiencing, continue the path that you are on and you will experience what you seek, what you desire. Have faith in this. Yes.

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