What is the difference between desire and intention? How do they work together? by realitylove
May 22, 2009, 11:11 am
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ANON: What is the difference between desire and intention? How do they work together?

RL: Your desires are born of source through the need or want of source for experience. It is bringing form from the formless. It is what inspires you to take action, to chose goals, to move about throughout your life, to chose things to focus on. Desire is a motivating force from source. Yes.

Intentions are the very element that determines the vibration of your action. Intentions are what you can choose to affect your environment, you experience; to affect all those in your inner circle or circle of influence. Yes.

It is important for you to chose targets based on your desire and understand why you want to fulfill those targets. Often, that will clarify your intentions. Yes.

So, as you have thought in the past, asking why is often a good route to determine the intention. Why you want to take certain action, why you want to say certain words, why you want to do a specific thing will often reveal intentions. Desire is more of the basics behind it, the basic motivation of wanting to feel good, the basic motivation of wanting to be connected to the whole. Those are desires that are neither good nor bad. They are from source. How you intend to fulfill that desire is where the vibration changes. Yes.

Your focus on thoughts and feelings of love; your focus on seeking a path that is of the greatest benefit for all concerned will help ensure your intentions stay in a good or high vibration. Yes. That is how they work together.

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