Overcoming financial crisis, settling debts, manifesting what you need quickly by realitylove

MP: I am struggling financially and have some significant property taxes, medical bills, credit cards bill coming due very soon (next 2 to 6 months). I am working on developing a business with a partner that I feel is on the brink and helping to cure many of my financial crisis and put me in a place of financial freedom – Is this true?

Will I be able to save my property and settle my debts and take care of my immediate and future needs without resorting to very negative desperate measures and lose what I and my family has inherited?

—The following is an answer from the spirit guide,” Reality/ Love”–

RL: Your concentration and focus on opening yourself to Source and Spirit will give you the guidance in this business to manifest quickly what you need. Yes. It is as you think because the inspiration has already been given to you. Your job is to allow Source to continue to inspire thought, inspire action and to avoid that which feels resistant. Yes. Seek, Ask and Knock form Source and all that you want will be provided in the time you need. Yes. Simply make yourself available. Yes.

You will be able to maintain that which source wants you to keep and you will be able to take care of every obligation if you remain aligned and allow Source to guide you through thoughts of inspiration, inspired action – not desperation, not fear and actions out of lack or loss. Yes.

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