Be inspired in this moment by realitylove
October 19, 2009, 5:40 pm
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There is peace, love, abundance, joy and all good things here and now

let go of the lack, let go of the worry
let go of concern
and know that right now, all is well
right now, all is blessed
right now is all there is
and you determine your experience in your own head
right now there is nothing to fear or fret
right now source is providing all that is needed and will continue
if you will get out of the old mold and into the new
and see that you can fully trust Source
you will see the inspired action so much clearer and be able to act on all the good source has for you
all the dreams love and power
all the blessings in so many ways for all concerned
that source wants to manifest and experience in, as and through you
it is all there waiting for you to simply get out of the way
and allow yourself to follow inspiration
allow yourself to align
allow yourself to be what you have been called to be
fear not for there is so much power and riches and love and joy right here, right now
be inspired in this moment
believe and move toward your abundance
yes, there is nothing but love around you
see it, feel it and know it is true
do not let thoughts of lack, limitations and anything to the contrary enter your mind
refuse them graciously and commit to that which feels best for you
the truth that you intend to live
let that be your compass, passion and desire fulfilled
not unfilfilled
not longing, wanting and pining
but true fulfillment, knowing that it is done
knowing that because Source has created these passions in you
Source will fulfill them in the time frame you desire or provide something even better
that is powerful and that is truth
believe and receive now
And so it is
– Morning stream of consciousness from John Stringer
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