Believe in that which is beyond your understanding by realitylove
October 20, 2009, 11:30 pm
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NOW is the time to set aside worry and concern
now is the time to believe in that which is beyond your understanding
that which is able to bring about miracles in your life
now is the time to hear that still small voice within
and answer the call to align with Source
answer the call to be your best and highest self
that is what you are here for and that is why we are sending you this message
to believe in that which is greater than the limitations you have experienced
the conditioned thinking you have taken on and the miniscule passions
you have regulated your life to
believe that there is so much more
so much more to life than this
there is indeed
and it is waiting for you to let go of your fears
it is waiting for you to let go of things keeping you from trusting fully
keeping you from believing that there is a greater force within you
ready to do the will of Source and bring about all the goodness you desire
if you would but let it
if you would but cast off the thoughts that stop you from hearing that voice
the thoughts of fear and worry, concern and overwhelm
Cast them off graciously and believe that there is much more
believe that there is guidance coming to you as we speak to show you a new direction
show you a new way and to fill you with inspiration, joy and peace
that is what we are here to help you see and embrace
there is a guidance pulling you along even now showing you the way
and all you must do is listen and follow
there is nothing else required
just listen and follow
and watch the miracles unfold
enjoy the beauty of it all
what a sweet, liberating process
to know that all you need do is allow and folllow
that is it
simple as that
that is the secret of true living with Source
true alignment and true guidance
that is the secret
try it now

– Morning stream of consciousness from John Stringer
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