Words of Hope & Abundance – 10/21/09 by realitylove
October 21, 2009, 1:37 pm
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There is no reason to ever worry or fear
for any circumstance
the only concern you should give is that which will help you align each moment
the only concern that you should give into is whether or not
you are aligning in any given moment
that is what is important and what your responsibility, focus and concern are
the rest is up to source
you simply align and source takes care of the rest
inspiration comes to you to assist you and direct you
but realize that source is really in control of the outcome in the biggest sense of the word
your role is simply to align and fulfil that which you came here for
to experience life to the fullest as an extension of source
know that there is nothing wrong with living your life on the terms that resonate with your heart
everyone is here for their path and only they can figure that out
because no one else has been formed with the same desires of the heart
the same passions and experiences as you have
it is your responsibility to align and stay aligned moment by moment
which leads to clarity
inspired action
and all other good things that allow your good to come so much faster
that is the miraculous life you have heard of so many distinguish beings having lead
yes that is the life you are here to lead
the life anyone who would accept this path is here lead
you must only find it and follow daily, moment to moment
follow by making yourself available to source
yes follow by making yourself available to me and let me guide you to that which is best and highest for all concerned
yes that is my role that is why you are here
you are an extension of source
you are a full extension of source
without limit
you are only limited by that which you accept and becomes conditioned in your thinking and being
you can cast these false limitations off at any point you choose
and like all being
it is something that is intuitive
something you know how to do if you would but take the time to still your mind
practice stilling your mind
to raise your vibration
raise your vibrations via thoughts and feelings of love
center these thoughts and feelings of love as emanating from your heart center
and let the feelings and thoughts flow through your being
let them flow from within you throughout your body around you and as far as you can imagine
let the feelings of love and gratitude permeate your essence and raise your vibration to a receptive level for greater good
know that source is always with you guiding and sending you what you need
simply practice being available at all times and the miracles will unfold in ways
you never imagined

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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