Words of Hope & Abundance – 10/22/09 by realitylove
October 22, 2009, 10:54 am
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There is a power within each of you that resides there to fully help you realize your true life,
your true and highest self
to fully help you capitalize on all that source has for you
it is up to you whether or not to pursue this power
it is up to you whether or not to give in to this power and allow the miracles to happen
you make the choice each moment
you decide and determine how much of this power to use
and know that there is abundant love for you regardless of what your choice may be each moment
know that there is undying love, commitment and power
waiting to give you all your heart truly desires and will continue to guide you in every way possible
no matter what choice you make in each moment
we hope you will chose to give in to this power and let go fo the misconceptions of how life should work
we hope you will give in to this power
by aligning yourself with source
by finding practices that assist you in reaching a higher state of being
a higher state of consciousness
and allowing this power to manifest
as a light in the darkness
we hope you will put your trust fully in source and the power source has implanted within you
to bear good deeds and bring about the change you truly desire
we hope you will begin now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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