Concern with what others think of what you are guided to do, believe and receive by realitylove

There is no reason to concern yourself with what others think of what you are guided to do, what you are guided to believe and what you receive from Source
your test is in building faith and trust in source and being able to be receptive to guidance for the best and highest of all concerned
the challenge is getting yourself to a place where you hear and comprehend what source is showing you
and then acting upon that direction
which is often not what you would expect
this is important to recognize because you will receive direction that is contrary to what you have been thinking
contrary to what society says and contrary to what you think is common sense
realize that often your guidance will be to help you break your dependence on your own thinking
often that guidance will be to teach you trust in source and realizing that it is your alignment with source that makes the difference
not necessarily what you do unaligned
alignment is true action and that which follows from alignment is always effective because it is in line with the best and highest for all concerned
action that is unaligned delays the good you could have otherwise
source does create good from all things, however, so do not think
that you thwart any plans of source
source’s only plans are to experience through extensions of itself in the form of creation
the best and highest way for you to experience this journey is again alignment with source
thus you see things clearer and experience them for what they are
you see the true magic in life
and let go of the worry concern and fear when aligned
let that be your ambition and you will truly “inherit the kingdom”
moment to moment

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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glad you dove in stream
and came out sharing your gifts
great start for the day

Thank You and Namaste. 🙂

Comment by blissbait

Thank you very much and you are welcome!

Limitless Love & Light,


Comment by johnhstringer

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