The message of Love by realitylove

Now there are so many things we could say
but there is only one thing that is most important to relay today and that is
the message of Love

the continued focus on understanding and embodying love is your life’s true purpose
to understand love is to expand in love
to expand in love is to focus your mind and focus your being your presence on emanating love
that is the role of your awareness and presence
that is the role you can play to better serve all mankind all of creation
and that is the role source wants to experience through you
for you are that extension of source here for that very purpose
how you will fulfill that purpose varies form person to person
for the desires of your heart help you determine direction
your intentions are guided through your alignment with love
and that will ensure that all action you take is effective and brings about the best and highest for all
is it really that simple?
is it complicated or hard?
does it require discipline
it requires practice it requires you finding ways to tap into that love
tap into that vibrational state and bring out whatever source has for you
it requires making yourself available as frequently as you can to be in a state of receptivity to source’s guidance
source does speak through many channels
people guides spirits
so many things
source speaks through creation at various frequencies
and if you tune int to a frequency of love
if you raise your vibration to that frequency
you will know what source has for you in every moment
you will reap the Good and understand what is meant by abundant life
you will find the path to bliss
and you will know what light really is
your life is meant to be a guiding light to those in the dark
and as you continue to align with Source, it will be exactly that
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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