Now is the Time for Celebration by realitylove
November 1, 2009, 6:53 pm
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Now is the time for celebration
now is the time for relief
now is the time for all things that move your soul
in ways that feel right, that feel good
let your life be one of freedom one of utter and sincere joy
let your life be one of true love
acknowledge all that is within you and be free
to deal with it authentically
be free of the judgment of others by letting go of judging others
be aware of your own self
by focusing within and being aware of all that is going on in your body
in your being
practice through meditation
through awareness exercises
through whatever that works to focus your mind on raising your vibration
with thoughts and feelings of love
passion relief
and peace
let your life be filled with that which brings you joy and that which brings you increased
that which brings you increased relief
and that which transcends circumstance
that which is real
let go of the thoughts in your head of what will be or might be or could be
and focus on what you are now
and what you wish to become
be grateful for that which is in your life now
that which allows you to focus
allows you to experience and allows you to enjoy
know that the only thing that lasts is that which allows you to be
know that the only thing that is real is that which remains regardless
of material circumstances
regardless of the physical manifestations in your life
that which you are that is unchanging in the temporal sense
is the truth of who you are
that is the real essence of your life
and that is what allows you to experience all that is
be one with this true nature and know that nothing can threaten it
know that this is the peace and joy
of truly being
one with your real nature
and one with the understanding that you are
just as source is
extend your consciousness
by acknowledging truth moment to moment
not through words which are merely pointers to understanding
but through being
through feeling and experiencing beyond just the temporal senses
sense what is greater and unchanging about your current experience
sense that which is beyond the movement
that which is in the background of your existence supporting and underlying all that is
that is what you want to connect with
that is what ensures your alignment and that is what assists in the manifestation of all that is
be that great I am that you truly are
and know that nothing can destroy that which is timeless
that which is real
that which you are now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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