Your Connection is Immutable by realitylove

For there is a power so great
so unimaginable
so unfathomable
that you are connected to in a way so simple
and you are able to activate by simply using your imagination
using your mind
and using your heart
your connection is immutable
it is permanent
and it is the true essence of who you are
it is easily clouded when you take your focus off of love
and begin focusing on the appearance of things
but fear not
for all will work out for your best and highest benefit
this is the test for you to grow
and learn
and no matter what choices you make
you will see the truth of things clearly
yes this is certain
this is true
it is up to you how soon you embody and apply the lessons brought to you
and the sooner the better you can embrace the true fulfillment
the true life that source has brought you hear
that you have chosen to lead
indeed there are others who have tried to lead you this way or that
but all you need do is focus within to find the truth
all you need do is use the faculties you have been so richly and deeply blessed with to find your way
there is truth inside there is abundance inside
there is intelligence inside
there is glorious peace and love inside
all you need do is tap in
and it will get stronger and stronger
do whatever it takes to tap into this power
you have heard so many ways that it is there
and you will continue to be lead
that way
everything can be used by source to speak to you
it is only a matter of when you will listen
and act upon that which you are brought
let go of concern worry and fear
let go of any misgivings about where this message is leading you
and simply know that source is doing everything to give you what you want most
what you truly desire
what your heart yearns for
that connection and alignment with the greatest of all powers
that resonance with truth
and that fulfillment of a lifetime
all you need do to receive is align and allow

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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