How We View Circumstances, Past and Present by realitylove

Now we are pleased to inform you that
all the love all the passion all that you need is not only here for you now
but has always been so
indeed your attention to alignment and your reflection on the past
will help you see this in your own life if you ask to see it from the eyes of source
many times we view circumstances, past and present , through a filter of conditioned thought
and choose to see things in unfavorable terms
this is not the wrong way to look at things
but it is not the best and highest way either
if you seek the best and highest way or path to view circumstances
then you will seek to see things from the eyes of source
source is creative source is loving
source is balance
and source is passion
imagine looking at your life from this perspective
all the events in your life can easily be forgiven
for you recognize that they are what they are
they cannot be changed or erased however
they do not need to be held on to because they no longer exist
all that is is right now
so if you hold on to the past in an unfavorable way
you are holding on to nothing
for it is no longer
all that is is right now
your consciousness is meant to deal with what you experience in the now, even through memories, in a favorable way
and what is favorable is simply allowing your mind to be filled with thoughts that align with love
thoughts and feelings that align with the very nature of source
so that you might benefit personally and all those around you

be not afraid of looking foolish
sounding a certain way or
any concern outside of alignment
for your alignment , no matter how perceived, will bring about the best and highest for all concerned
remember that
practice being aligned in every circumstance from moment to moment
as often as you can remember
use practices that you feel
practices that you know you are responding to by the way you are moved when you try them
all practices can work but it is important to find what works best for you in this moment
the experience of searching and trying assists you as well
all of the journey is a part of your growth
not just the end destination
for you will continue to expand
so be present and enjoy it

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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