Transcend Your Conditioned Thinking by realitylove

Your focus and your attention
your concentration is required and essential
if you intend to transcend your conditioned thinking
you must become aware of the patterns that are running in your mind
and you must allow your true essence and true nature to overtake these thoughts
it requires awareness on your part so that you may detach yourself from these thoughts
these rampant distractions that are misleading
and misguiding your understanding from moment to moment
let them go and open up to the core of your being
the true power inside of you that is operating on various levels to sustain your life
the power that is pulsing through your heart and bloodstream
powering your cells and organs
that power that is allowing your body to extract and use oxygen from the air and nutrients from your food
that same power that sustains your life is the power that is in all life
in all of creation and between into within it and through it
you are able to let go and allow this power to guide you
through its many extensions
you must concentrate on becoming aware of what is going on in your mind in this moment
and let go of all distracting thoughts
by detaching

find a practice that allows you to get in tune with the true rhythms of your body
your breathing
your heart-beat
the natural rhythms that are already occurring
will help you attune to source
they assist in helping you let go of the distractions and focus on frequencies of a higher vibration
frequencies of the life within you
then it is key to raise your frequency further through the focus of love we have explained
focus on thoughts and feelings of love
centering them near the heart and allowing them to expand while envisioning light doing the same throughout your body and beyond
this is how you attune and align
this is how you enter that wondrous feeling of love
how you radiate the true nature of who you are
remember that it is not important what practice you choose to help you focus on thoughts and feelings of love
to help you align
it is simply important that you seek and practice doing this
so that you may grow into stronger and stronger connection
stronger and stronger unfolding
stronger becoming who you truly are
shedding the acquired illusions fully
practice what you know and the rest will be given
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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