Your Solutions are Right Here Now by realitylove

Your solutions are right here now
and ready for you to receive
just let go and stop worrying stop fretting stop concerning yourself with how
focus on what you truly want to transpire and let source take care of the rest
put your Faith in source and the power and ability to manifest all things
put your faith in source and believe that you deserve all good things
and let your heart be free to desire whatever it chooses
let your heart be free to reveal the truth of what you really want
what your higher self knows you are here to have
do not be mislead by the silly conventions and conditioning of this world
that is what it means to be separate from the world but in it
you must allow your heart to communicate the truth of what you are here for and what it desires
what your highest and best self truly desires
for you have become confused with the things that are around you
it has grown into a self-perpetuating force
that you must break free from by simply letting those things go
simply let go and allow source to cleans your mind and heart with Love
allow the love to flow from your heart center and transform your inner being cleansing all limitations
all illusions
all conditioning that causes fear and concern
lack and limitation
allow source to work its magic and you will see that you are here for so much more than fear so much more than the things you have become so accustomed to
let go now and allow source to move in you and inspire you toward your true identity
toward your birthright toward all the power and love
that is within you
there is nothing more important than your alignment and trust in the power within around and through you
all is well
all is well

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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