You Must Experience Certain Things by realitylove

We are here to assist in every way possible
here to assist you in your unfolding and in understanding exactly what it is source desires to experience through you in you and as you
we are here to assist you in looking deeply within your heart to ascertain what it is you are here to experience
what it is you truly want to do be and have
this is the freedom of choice that you are here to experience as the unique creation you are
indeed we have tried to give you as much as possible
but you must realize to embody all that you have been given you must experience certain things
you must undergo certain circumstances and you must be put through situations that assist in your growth
for these experiences assist in your growth when you practice what you have received
that is most important to recognize in becoming aligned from moment to moment
practice will assist in your alignment and it is up to you to maintain that alignment
through your attention
through your intentions
and through your focus
receive all that source has for you in this moment
and let the reservations go
let them go and be free to allow source to move freely through you now
let the energy of source move through your body let it cleans your mind
focus your attention on your heart center and feel love
feel passion feel good flowing and pulsing through your heart growing and widening its reach until you feel it overtaking your entire being and cleansing all resistance all blocks and all limitations
free yourself from the conditioned thinking that has brought about the conditions you do not want
and allow the power and freedom of source to fill you with clarity confidence and love
know that you are a child of the most high
you are a child of love of life
of liberty
you are a child of God and as such
you are in nature God
in nature love and in nature liberty
give your full attention to this moment and let go of distractions let go of the pestering thoughts filled with fear and tension
and relax into the vibration of love
now you are aligned with the vibration that brings peace joy love bliss and every good thing into your life
know that with this vibration with this frequency you can receive guidance for every step you need take to bring about the best and highest for all concerned
know that there is power there is peace there is joy there is freedom
just for you
a path uniquely present for you to walk
and still being a part of the whole a part of the balance
important for you to be exactly all that you are here to be in order to assist the rest of life in its best and highest unfolding
your good depends on your alignment
your good depends on your alignment
for your perspective of what is is tied to the degree to which you are aligned with source
your consciousness raises to that frequency allowing you to perceive from the perspective of source to some degree
when you align
you increase the degree to which you see from the perspective of source through practice
continue consistent practice and surrendering yourself to connecting with source as often as you are able
this is the secret to fulfillment
all else follows
this is seeking the kingdom, the presence the alignment of God
and all these things will be given as well
all these things being the desires of your heart
the truth of why you are here
understand and do

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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