Your True Identity by realitylove

There is no reason to continue allowing thoughts of fear and unwanted circumstances to enter your mind in any way
you have the power to choose whether to continue entertaining any thought that arises or to let it go and recognize it is not you nor does it serve the purpose you wish to fulfill
choose thoughts that are of love that feel good
counter negative or unwanted feelings and thoughts with those that feel good and are wanted
this is the discipline that will assist in your alignment from moment to moment and it is essential to your reversing the momentum of attracting that which you do not desire

there is nothing that can make you any less than you truly are
an extension of source
of love of power knowledge and all that is
you are a creation valued equally with all creation
and you are an important significant part of the whole for you are that which source has chosen to experience as you
you are that which source has given the ability to fulfill your heart’s desires by aligning with source in this present form in this body and in this condition and circumstances
you are able to embrace the lessons of this moment and apply them to fulfill your heart’s desires
to fulfill that which source has brought you here for
to be limitless love and to shine that love and light to all around you
to be blameless
and to be forgiveness embodied in human form
to be all that is good and pure
and all that is loving
all that is best and highest
despite social convention
despite conditioned thinking
despite the false appearances and illusions
for there is so much good and so much beauty so much joy peace and love here for you in this moment
there is freedom
and all that you desire
there is peace
allow and let go give into this peace
tie into this love
be that which source has made you as
the true you yes
let go of the illusions you have created of yourself and know that your true nature
your I AM-ness will fill the space of the released illusions
your true identity will expand as you let go of that which is false
that which does not serve you
know this and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Beautifully said, good stuff, I love the new format of you reading man, great energy…

Comment by Jacques

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