Allow Now by realitylove

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Allow now
this is how we tap into the oneness
this is how we tap into the truth of who and what we are
allow and let the vibration flow through you in you
as you
yes source is all around you through you
in you
and is willing to allow you to feel every good thing if you would but only allow it to be so
let go of the tensions the frustrations the blocks and obstacles by changing your focus yes
that is key
changing your focus specifically to vibrations of love
in whatever way moves you most
whatever thoughts and feelings you feel love the strongest
let them center around your heart and spread from there

this is important for your development and important for your overall growth
it is from the heart center that your connection begins
this is where you bring the source energy of love from best

focus on that
and allow your body to feel love starting from your heart center
the left side of the heart is where you want to allow the energy to begin and let it flow to your heart and expand to your heart center, the center of your chest, then expanding throughout your body yes
let it remove blocks, melt tension and restore the proper functioning of your body
the proper flow of source energy
allowing you to tap into that which is there for you
let it redirect your mind away from the limiting beliefs you have entertained and back to the true nature of your limitlessness
you are limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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This was really nice! Listening on the earphones really helped me focus and feel the things you are saying.

Comment by Kathy

Thank you John for being a channel for good!

Comment by Ade

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