We Are Here to Live Fulfilling Lives by realitylove

For what is it worth for a man
to gain his soul
yet lose the very things his soul desires to have be and do
that is nothing of the sort of life we are here to live
that is nonsense
and confusion
that is confilction with the true essence of who we are
for we are here to live fulfilling lives
and every good thing
and if you are not doing so it is because you have chosen to entertain the conditioned thinking of society
of illusion and of un-fulfillment
choose you this day whom you will serve
love is passion love is God love is all good things
love is joy
know your passion know your God know your good things know your joy
this will allow you to proceed with certainty and say yes to God
yes to your nature your true essence and your highest self
this my friend is the path to certainty
fulfillment love actualization manifestation and NOW
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Wow this one has a different feel to it. It feels more homey to say God.

Comment by Kathy

I like this John, this just came to you while you were unconscience? It does seem true.

Comment by Maria

Sorry for the delayed response. It comes to me while I’m in an altered state of mind via meditation. I’m still pretty conscious and aware of what is going on around me, etc., but I’m very receptive to this “stream” or flow of information. I always begin by asking for the “best and highest” information for all concerned and have personally benefited greatly from what I’ve received.

Comment by johnhstringer

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