See the world in its perfection by realitylove

Now there are so many things you can focus on to get you to where you want to be
so many things you can focus on to change your thinking change your vibration and help you align with source
the fastest route is simply love
love comes in so many vehicles
love can be experienced through so many channels
and love is all
find that which assists you in being your true nature your true and highest self
finding that which assists you in becoming the best and highest that you truly are is the path to love
yes it is important to understand this clarification
that love is what you are and the path on which you become
the path on which you transform
that path on which you unfold
love is so many things
and you just need to set your focus your attention
your understanding to this vibration
see the world in its perfection
see the world through eyes of love
and all that you desire will become clearer
all that you truly want to do be and have
comes so much easier
because you are no longer resisting love
resisting what is resisting the reality of your life
see through the eyes of love
by re-framing whatever situation causes you trouble in your mind
whatever situation causes you grief
re-frame them from a perspective of love and know that the best and highest has already come into your life
align your self, your mind your thoughts
align with love
with source
and know that all is well in this moment and always will be
know that you have the responsibility to allow
to align
to be love
and you will be fulfilled
and so it is

QUESTION: When a situation occurs that you find difficult to see the good in, how do you re-frame your outlook? What practices do you use to do this in the moment when facing challenges? Feel free to share them with us all as comments to today’s message.

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That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Comment by anotherworldcitizen

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