There is No Substitution to Love by realitylove

There is no substitution to love
no other power that can break down barriers as quickly
no other vibration that can reveal the truth dissolve the blocks
and overcome the adversity that is often perceived in your conscience
you must focus on love in order to clearly see the best and highest for your life
whether it be focusing on what moves you to do be and have
or whether it be focusing on receiving the vibrations from source to allow you to align
it is all related
there are so many ways for you to connect to love
it is truly a matter of choice
a matter of seeking what works best for you in any given moment
realize that you can do what you love and prosper
and in fact this is the only way to fully prosper on every level
doing what you love is being in tune with love
doing what you love is a meditation within itself
doing what you love is alignment with source
doing what you love is why you are here
do what you love in a way that is best and highest for all concerned yes
seek that wisdom from source
that guidance to show you how
to lead you step by step in the manner that will benefit all
this is your role this is why you came
this is what you are here to remember
yes and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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