Focus on the More by realitylove

More than once
more than twice more than several times
every moment and focus on the more inside you the more around you
the more through you
constantly expanding
focusing on the more means focusing on the ever-present goodness in your life
focusing on the more means focusing your attention on aligning with love
that which moves your soul and that which is best and highest for you
focusing on the more means
finding the balance in every situation that takes all needs into the picture
the only way to do this consistently is through alignment consistently
the only way to be fulfilled consistently
is through your consistent alignment with thoughts and feelings of love
with consistent alignment with the best and highest for all concerned
with consistent alignment with the mind of source
that is you
that is through you living as you
by letting go of anything that goes against the flow of love
the pure intention of bringing the best into the world for everyone
that is what your focus should be if you desire to live a completely fulfilled life
that is why service is so important
bringing value to others is why you are here
because it allows you to align with the best and highest for all concerned
not just self
know that it is important to bring the best for self as well as others
thus self must be focused on first
you focus on self first by aligning with the true and highest self
and letting go of the conditioned illusory self
this is the meaning and purpose behind detachment, clearing
and so many other practices that bring you out of your automated reactions
and self-destructive behaviors
let go now and realize that source is already here for you
source is already willing and waiting for you to allow the best and the highest through
it is not something you have to pine and beg for
it is something you have to align your consciousness with
to receive completely fully and rapidly
consistently and know that all is well
let go of all the doubts
reservations distractions
and focus
you can do this
you can align from moment to moment
you can receive and follow the guidance of source
through you in you as you
you are no different than any other extension of source
you must simply let go of all that tells you otherwise
and stop limiting yourself
that is what is needed for your fulfillment
for you true unfolding and for your ability
to do all you desire
yes all you truly desire
what your soul, your heart and you as source desires
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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