The Plan for Your Life by realitylove

Any way you choose to live your life will
bring about what source desires
however your experience of the progress will vary
if you choose to live a life full of resistance resentment and disharmony
you will reap more of the same and experience what you call suffering or that which does not please your soul
if you choose otherwise to live a life of harmony a life of alignment non-judgment and forgiveness
you will reap the same and experience a life that fulfils your soul beyond your imagination
you speed up the receipt of that which your soul ,that which your heart longs for
by aligning with source
aligning with love
and your obedience to the inspiration of your heart
the inspiration you receive
helps you ensure you receive exactly what is best and highest faster
this is the way to live a fulfilled
this is the way to truly be in accordance with the divine plan for your life
know that the plan for your life is so simple
it is enjoyment it is abundance
it is receiving the desires of your heart and it is doing so in the best and highest way possible for all concerned
that is the life you are called to live
that is the life source wants to experience through you
remember your are one with all
one with source
one with love
that is our true nature and that is why you exist to experience that oneness through your individual unique
yes a paradox to some
but as you experience it
it becomes clearer and clearer
let go of trying to understand with the mind and allow your being to understand with experience
feel it be it know it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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