Your Aligned and Inspired Being by realitylove

Know that there is no separation
there is no distance between you and source
there is nothing between you other than false illusions
know that source is already a part of you
you are already connected and you only need let go of the illusions
only need let go of the limitations the conditioned thinking you have been programmed and repetitively bombarded with
so that you have accepted the normal illusions as truth
do not give in to this fallacy
do not give in
if you call on source to reveal the truth to you
to open your eyes
you will see a greater expansion
a greater presence
a greater life than you have ever known
all you need do is allow and let source be through you in you as you
it takes practice to let go
but you can do it
some are even able to let go quickly and consistently
it is up to you how quickly and how consistently you choose to let go
letting go is giving up the knowledge you have accepted and relied on so much and relying on the guidance of source within you to confirm or deny what is best and highest to act upon
what is best and highest to believe
and what is best and highest to feel
feel the relief
feel the beauty of life
feel the joy of being
feel it now and know that your abundance does not lie on the shoulders of your hard work
it lies on your aligned and inspired being
that is the fastest way to allow source to do what is best for all concerned
that is the fastest way to allow abundance to flow freely
know this and allow it to be so in your life
through experience yes
through your now
yes that is critical
to truly knowing this
being this
living this

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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