The External Credibility You Seek by realitylove

There is no more need for the external credibility you seek
there is no need to wait for it
to strive for it
for it is not necessary
it is an illusion
you have all the credibility you need right now
by your very existence
for you are
that I AM
and there is nothing else necessary to make you greater or more credible
all else that builds credibility is an illusion
realize that if you are waiting for something external to build your credibility
if you are seeking something other than the realization of who you really are as an extensions of source
the realization of all that is within you
then you are seeking to build an illusion and there is no need for this
in fact it is a path to suffering
let that go
realize you have and are all you need now
not in the future or after this or that
yes this is the case
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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