You are here to be in Consistent Alignment with Source by realitylove

There is so much inside of you
so many things brought from experience and so many things that are innate to your nature as an extension of source
you can use the vibrations of love
of relief of trust
to heal the blocks
the guilt the resentment
to bring about forgiveness in those areas where you hold a negative charge yes
this is the work that alignment allows you to do
and once you are vibrating with a clear intent
an intention to bring about the best and highest to all
you are able to receive clear guidance and act upon this guidance that comes in the form of inspiration

realize that you are here to be in consistent alignment with source and that you have the power to do so right now
you have the power to manifest any feelings you choose internally
take back this power and know that you can make this happen
you can choose relief you can choose love
gratitude trust
you can choose these feelings and place them throughout your body
to heal the blocks to release the resentment
to accept all that is
it all begins internally
learn through practice
through experimenting with different thoughts and feelings
become aware of the internal state
for that is all that matters
do not give the power of your internal state away to external conditions
for the external conditions hold no power over your internal state
you hold that power
you decide how you feel whether consciously or not
take your power and use it to remain in states of relief
gratitude trust

in each moment
know that source desires in you as you
to feel that alignment with the best and highest states
and you will know when you are there because of the bliss you feel
the state of bliss can escalate with your practice and you will know you are on the right track
your soul will know
you will feel it
the inspiration you receive in this constant state of alignment will guide you to what is best and highest in every situation
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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