Embrace Your Magnificence by realitylove

For the last time we have come to you to explain
the process of alignment
via seeking to focus your mind on vibrations that feel good vibrations that allow you to enter a new place
now it is time to practice embody and put your attention and focus on doing so from moment to moment
your lessons will come from doing this and you will make the connections you need in every moment for guidance yes
this is in fact what you are here to do and this is what you are doing now
realize that you have the power to unfold in a rate that pleases you most and you have the ability to let go of all that you do not enjoy
let go of fear timidity and resistance if you do not wish to be it
all of it is you already
but you can unfold and let the light you enjoy most shine
this is the reason you here
here to learn this lesson of love passion joy the lesson of what your soul desires most the lesson of freedom
and the lesson of choice
the lesson of true emergence
authenticity to the lesson of being who you really are at the root of your being
in your heart
do not fear unfolding do not fear letting go
do not fear rising up to be the leader you wish to be
let source move through you and from you
and embrace your magnificence
yes and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Very intererting that you were told that was the last time you will receive an explanation of alignment. Seems as if you are really moving on to a nre realm. Very exciting

Comment by Kathy

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