Let Go of All Obstructions by realitylove

Bring out that which has hidden deep within yes
bring it out and let the light shine upon it
let nothing remain hidden within you
do what is necessary to bring it forth into the light
and to dissolve the sentiments you’ve held on to
of guilt
of resentment
of pain
let it out and bring light in its place
let it transform into the highest vibration of light
so that you may be free
and that your source energy may flow freely through you in you as you expanding in its unimpeded path
let all such blocks go
do what is necessary to stay in the flow of your life
the flow of reality
the pace of your existence consciously
and powerfully
being everything you need be
yes let go of all obstructions through practices that assist you in focusing on the blocks and relieving the tension relieving the resistance
this is so important to unfolding because the blocks are what obstruct your vision
obstruct your awareness
obstruct the truth of who you are
they form illusion around the truth and skew your perception
let them go
detach from the energy around them
the negative charges you have stored within
and let them go
know that you only need ask and it shall be given to you exactly how you need do so
for each block has its own best and highest solution to letting go
just ask within and you will be given the solution you need yes
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This is great!! Thanks for leading me to it.

Comment by Kathy

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