Each Desire Stems From… by realitylove

What if you were unable to communicate with God at all
what if you were unable to find that which is within and
what if you were unable to ask and receive what your soul truly desires
then what would you do
you would go to and fro wondering why this life exists and you would find yourself miserable
trying to make sense of it all
this is the life many lead when they are unable to make time unable to muster the desire
to truly seek ask knock and listen
for an answer
look for a sign
wait for a response
this is the life of so many who do not seek within
the voice of source is calling to all
those who make themselves available
those who stop to listen
those who do not find themselves
wondering to and from
and miserable
seeking fulfillment through external solutions
when in fact these external solutions soon fade and they are on to the next
realize you have within you the power to fulfill every desire in this very moment
know that you have inside what is needed
the essence of every desire can be fulfilled
can be solved internally
each desire stems from wanting a certain feeling
or the intention to experience a certain state
you are able to bring this state about internally
however you often seek to create it externally thinking it will provide what you seek
instead, focus on the state internally for this is what is lasting and cannot be taken from you
experience that state within
and if it is best and highest
the external will manifest to enhance this same state
to amplify it if you will
that is why it is often said those who finally get things only amplify what they already possess inside
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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That was very powerful! I clicked on the Mark 9:24 thinking it was a bible verse. What is it??

Comment by Kathy

Glad you enjoyed it. Not sure what you mean by Mark 9:24.

Comment by johnhstringer

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