Move Through The Feelings by realitylove

Move through the feelings
the pain the resistance
the blocks move through these thoughts and allow that which is relief
joy that which is liberation
that which holds the very same vibration as peace and love
to move freely through you
it is all there
you simply need tune in
and amplify through your focus
through your intention
through your attention
attend the intention
through focus
consistently and the vibrations will amplify and transmute that which is around it
this is what your soul desires
and what you are able to do through surrender
surrender your mind to that which is relief
stop fighting what is going on in this now
stop fighting what is going on within
and allow the truth of your being to unfold through changing your focus on an internal frequency that feels light
feels good
feels relieving
simple and effective
in your journey

allow now
so whatever you focus on know that that will not only grow
but it will give way to the amplification of that and things similar to it
the flow of information through your body to and from
is consistent
and you can transform what is going on through your conscious mind
you can direct the process of eliminating the conditioned thinking that you have adopted
the conditioned thinking that has set up blocks in the true nature of who you are
through your conscious mind
yes this directs the flow of energy
in many ways
and allows you to unfold when directed toward positive expansive vibrations
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This is so right on for what I was feeling this AM. This and Dr Beckwith were both very helpful.

Comment by Kathy

Always a pleasure!

Comment by johnhstringer

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