Lift The Vibration Of Your Being by realitylove

For whatever you think
whatever you feel whatever you experience there is nothing to compare tho the bliss that source provides when completely surrendered
completely aligned
it is an experience of ecstasy love
and joy
of peace and surrender
it drives all else away
and fills you with only that which is good
all other feelings thoughts
and vibrations contrary to the pure piercing love of source will be transmuted into the same energy
the same power
the same potent love
as that which you truly are
let this power unfold like the dawning of a new day
let this light shine and escalate like the beautiful radiant power you are
let it come naturally by letting go of all the control
all the pain
all the guilt the shame the resistance
all the struggle
let it go and allow yourself to center internally
allow your focus to move to your heart center and allow the energy to build there
the love energy the power to remove all obstacles
allow this power to build and center yourself in it
move from all over your body to this one focal point and allow the vibration of love of peace of relief of joy to begin there
let it build and spread through your heart chakra
to all areas of your body
let it spread from the center of your chest through all directions
and allow this energy to lift the vibration of your being
to amplify peace relief
love gratitude
and every thing that feels good
allow your body to be enveloped by this love and light
let it pour out around you through you in you
and let it lift your spirit to the highest point of satisfaction
and be fulfilled by that which is source
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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