Limitless Love Talks Premiere with John & Kathy Stringer by johnhstringer

Kathy and I are pleased to introduce our new series, “Limitless Love Talks.”
Our purpose is to share the insights and practical application for the guidance we receive at AskRealityLove.com and elsewhere, to help you on your own journey.


If you have trouble with the player above, click here for an alternative listening option: Limitless Love Talks with John & Kathy Stringer

Listen to our premier 1hr episode above where we cover the following and more:

  • How To Remove Blocks
  • Your Soul’s Desire vs Ego’s Desire
  • Internal & External States of being
  • A Simple Phrase to open the door to complete Forgiveness

Mentioned in this show:
Another way To Give Into Source Completely
Let Go of All Obstructions (Post addressing removing blocks)
Mark Joyner
Everything Is Energy

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Thanks John and Kathy,

I listened to your “limitless love talk”. It is very inspirational and I hope many other people will listen to it and benefit from it.

Comment by Angela Tchobanenko

Thank you guys for sharing. Your path is beautiful to see and you both come from such a genuine place. You are helping me everyday here in Decatur, Ga as I check with your blogs everyday. John I hope Kathy mentioned to you our conversation yesterday…and Kathy it hit me as I drove away that I do not usually stop at that gas station but the roads forced me to that day…and I had the thought there’s a reason why I am supposed to be there but I did not know. I believe it was you and the kids…and confirmation that I am being lead and inline with my higher self today. You guys are part of my soul circle. Love you both!

Comment by tricia

Greetings John and Kathy,
So nice to hear you! I’m in Southern England. Your accents are amazing…I’m smiling…
I arrived here through the Big Glow.
Much love,

Comment by Teresa Golden

Hey, Teresa. Thank you for visiting our site and listening. Glad you found us on the Big Glow and we hope you visit often! Love & Light!

Comment by johnhstringer

Loving ourselves…loving others…loving the One.
Yes, being honest in relationships!Transparency…perfect.

Comment by Teresa Golden

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