The Blueprint For Your Soul by realitylove

No other name
no other word
no other thought
no other feeling
no other thing
can do what love can
it removes blocks
it ensures alignment
it is your true nature
and empowers you to fulfill that which your soul truly desires
no other power is as great as love
that of the highest and best vibration in this moment
love comes through to each of us in the right tones best suited for any moment
and that is what we are able to generate by simply opening ourselves to the will of source
opening ourselves and setting the intention to be available in this moment
yes in the now
that is the power of now
that is the power we can take hold of and allow it to move allow it to impress upon itself that which is needed and uniquely available as us, in us through us
yes love is waiting to create the tones the frequencies
the vibration in your unique manifestation that the world desires
for we are one with the world
and your soul’s desires are the same as the will of source
yes for your soul is an extension of source
and is here to fulfill that will
allow the will the blueprint for your soul
to become clear
simply by asking
and making yourself available to hear
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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