Ask And The Blocks Will Be Removed by realitylove
January 25, 2010, 1:45 pm
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Whatever it is
whatever the feeling you desire
the state your soul truly wants
you are able to manifest it instantly and be completely fulfilled in this very moment
the only thing that stands between you and complete fulfillment
are conditioned thoughts
energy patterns that conflict with the true state you desire
that which you already are
there is inside of you a connection so strong and so powerful
that all you need do is ask and the blocks will be removed
you do not have to endure anything you wish not to endure
when it comes to blocks and separation from source
the only struggle is that which you are unwilling to let go of
ask what you are still holding on to that is blocking you from connection with source
that is blocking you from consistent alignment and it will be revealed to you
it will
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This is so simple and yet amazing!! I would like yo share it with my brother.

Comment by Kathy


Comment by johnhstringer

Oh I like this one. Wait, I like all of them. Yet this really makes me think of the archetype goddess Durga, who is ever so good at helping you to remove obstacles, especially within yourself. Simply identify them, call on Durga, and she will help you easily and quickly let them go! Yes!

Comment by Katrina

Thanks, Katrina. btw, did you see the interview I posted today? If not, its here http://wp.me/ps2i5-ar

Comment by johnhstringer

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