Power That Is Latent Within You by realitylove
January 26, 2010, 3:25 pm
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It is time for you to recognize
the power that is inherent in your existence
the power that is latent within you as you through you
for all the functions of your body’s systems
the power that is constantly working on your behalf internally is something you are not fully conscious of
and yet it is
the same can be said for your true nature
you are not fully conscious of who and what you are
though you may have knowledge of some aspects of this
you are however
fully source, yes
fully all that is
and fully a manifestation of the best and highest power
that is here to benefit all concerned
this is your true nature
whether you understand it or not
allow your true nature
allow source to do its will
that which your soul desires most
and do this by simply tuning into that which truly fulfills the internal states that truly meet your souls desires
you will know these states by the bliss you feel
you will know these states by the pure joy and peace you experience when entering them
this is a natural birthright that you have access to at any and all moments
realize there is only this moment and as we have said and as you have heard in many ways
the dynamic changes come about because the all that you are is desiring to experience itself in various expanding ways
know that change is of course happening in this very moment and more and more we experience each aspect of that from our unique being
yet we are still one with all
we are still one with everything that exists
and the power which hath manifest all that is
is in you as you through you
through all in all as all
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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