Cycles Of Suffering by realitylove
January 31, 2010, 5:03 pm
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It is impossible
for you to lose contact with source
it is only possible for you to feel separation caused by incorrect thinking
and acceptance of that which is illusion
suffering and all forms of separation come from this
it is important for you to let go of this type of thinking
what you refer to as lack thinking
anything that limits yourself and who you truly are
anything that limits what god can do
what source is
is limited thinking
that is lack thinking
and that will keep you in cycles of suffering
until you are able to let go freely and surrender to source
until you are able to let go and allow source to bring about the best and highest will through your life
until you are able to practice what you know now and continue to earnestly look at your life
see where you are not aligned
and correct it
until you surrender your pride
surrender your illusions
you will suffer
are you ready to surrender
simply allow source to bring that which needs to be changed to your conscious mind
and take note of it
take action upon it
and if you are unclear
get aligned
through meditation through affirmation
through whatever it takes to feel love peace and trust
and then ask for guidance
you will receive that guidance in all sorts of ways
you can receive it direct yes
but if you are not ready for that
you will receive it
some other way
just be receptive yes
and source will guide your path
remain open to how answers come
and remain open to what you are willing to allow
for your soul knows and will recognize that which is best and highest
and you will feel it
when it comes
allow your self
your highest self
to guide you through
allow source and all that source has provided for you to guide you through
choose not the limited thinking that causes continued problems continued suffering
have nothing to do with it indeed
choose instead
limitless love
limitless abundance limitless joy limitless surrender
limitless trust
and know that source is doing exactly what need be done in the exact order and time frame it needs to happen
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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