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February 1, 2010, 3:39 pm
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There is no other means to fulfillment than internal focus
internal alignment with source
it is always a matter of internal state
internal alignment with source
external is mutable
changeable and temporal
the internal is everlasting
your state and your soul’s desires for certain states
are dynamic but yet
the everlasting part of you
this is the important part to focus on
this is the part of you that brings about fulfillment in any moment
the external simply amplifies that which is within
do not be confused to think that the internal focus and the work you do to align
or your practices that help you get back to alignment
are to bring about the external conditions
that is the thinking that is causing suffering
remember that the alignment
the internal states are the result you desire
the external just aligns with it
that is the meaning of seeking first the kingdom
for the kingdom is indeed within
the kingdom is that which is real and cannot be destroyed
that is the soul’s desire
your state of being from moment to moment is determined by your focus
and your decision of how you wish to feel in any moment
you can create these states independent of external conditions events things etc.
you can create these states by intention
by decision
by focus yes
it requires practice but you will tap into the truth behind the illusion once you make this your priority
once you begin practicing moment to moment to simply align with that which is the best and highest for all concerned
in other words
your state affects all that is
yes this is indeed true and of course your science has uncovered this
your state of being affects all that is
and the more you focus on the highest and best states of consciousness
the more you align and bring about the best and highest for all concerned
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This is such a powerful and important message. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we choose how to experience this life, yet the more we apply ourselves to maintaining the highest intentions and focus, the easier and more joyful life becomes!

Thank you!

Comment by Katrina

Well said!

Comment by johnhstringer

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