The Internal States You Are Here To Experience by realitylove
February 3, 2010, 1:22 pm
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Now whatever you focus upon
know that this too will grow
and all your energy will flow in whatever direction you send your attention
it is a matter of attention of focus
of where your awareness is
you can put your awareness anywhere you like
but know that that will have an effect
where your attention goes energy flows indeed
and in doing so you bring about internal vibrations
internal states
that attract similar vibrations
this is important to recognize because it is a matter of bringing about your soul’s desires through your focus
through your ability to create the internal states you are here to experience
whenever you fight against these internal states
whether consciously or subconsciously
you begin to suffer
you experience the resistance or the tension that you typically do not enjoy
even though many subconsciously feel this is how life should be
that is what is often referred to as an attraction to drama and the like
but what you are here to experience is bliss
relief gratitude
and all the different shades of love
not suffering not resistance to what is
but joy
this is an internal process
for even when you focus on the external and feel it has caused joy
in fact you have chosen joy
you are able to choose joy
to choose that which is aligned with source
that which is an internal state vibrating at the highest frequencies
by simply deciding
intending by simplify choosing
this is your birthright
and you do not have to be subject to any external temporal thing
if you would simply choose to live your life from within
to decide how you want to feel and allow those feelings to manifest
this will change your perception because you will finally operate from a true place of power
from within
where all your power lies
access to that which is sacred
is within you now
and all you need do is receive
claim it by practice
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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