Perception To The Contrary by realitylove

OK now relax your mind relax your body and allow source to move freely through
let your mind go and be transformed by the energy running freely through you now
the energy that is abundantly available and transformative
allow this energy to take you to new ways of being new modes of creating in the here and now
understand that you are an integral part of this universe of this creation of the expanding magnificence in which you exist
and you are one with this existence yes
let the illusions that keep you separate from it go
allow the bliss the magnificence the wonder to fill you now
for there is abundance all around yes
there is nothing but good for you all around
let go of any perception to the contrary
and know that you are one with all that is
know that you can trust source
life the universe
and that all is for your best and highest good
align with the best and highest for all concerned
by allowing source to guide you
to move through you
to operate as you in you
and to remove all false illusions
all faulty thinking all patterns of harm
and judgment within you
allow source to bring about new and liberating ways of being, thinking
and expanding your awareness
strengthening your presence
and heightening your ability to love
into limitless reaches of life
know that you are all that you need now as this extension of source that you are
know that you simply need allow and trust
simply need let go of the old patterns and be freed from your own prison
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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