Causes Of Your Skewed Perception by realitylove
February 10, 2010, 3:38 pm
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Whatever you think you are experiencing now
is not always accurate
your ideas your beliefs
you concepts
your constructs
determine your perception of what is occurring in this moment
when you feel stress, when you feel fear, worry or concern
it is because this perception is skewed from the vision of source
skewed from seeing the good that is present the abundance and the best and highest in the situation
in order to let go of this skewed perception
it is important for you to focus your attention on energy that removes the negative or harmful causes of your skewed perception
there are many practices to do this
but as we have explained in the past
there is a very fast way to do this work
it is focusing on the vibrations the internal states that your soul truly desires
this very act will clear this limiting beliefs
the blocks
the causes of skewed perception
skewed perception is perception that is not aligned with source
perception that is not best and highest for all
in any given situation you are able to see and know what is best and highest for all if you would look and ask
if you would seek it out
being aligned from moment to moment and allowing source to bring that which you need into your life
is the life of ease the life of bliss and the life of abundance that you desire
that is the solution
it is already occurring in your life if you would but pay attention for it
it is here already
open your eyes and you will see it more and more
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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