Every Good Thing You Desire by realitylove

There are throws and there are similarities between the best and highest and the least harm
and yes we are here to guide we are here to deliver we are here to assist in every way possible
and what you receive is tantamount to your survival to your understanding to your fulfillment to you prosperity abundance and every good thing you desire
for the states that you find and the states that you practice will be those which transform your surroundings if you tune in and allow that which comes through to transform you
put your attention into that which is powerful
love as you know
the most powerful vibration in all its forms
put your attention into that into the passion
you have heard it said over and over
you have heard it said in many ways
and you are beginning to see it more and more
trust and know that all is well trust and know that what you need will be provided
it is exceptionally clear that all you need all you desire will come and be provided
as needed and you will receive all that you want in the correct and best order
for that is how source delivers all
with all desires in mind
know that your choices affect all that is in some way
and you must seek to align with the best and highest choice in all situations through alignment through surrender to the will of source
through surrender to the desires of your soul
it takes alignment
clarity comes through alignment
clarity comes through surrender
do not beat yourself up trying to figure out what you want to do in the future
just allow the inspiration to flow through alignment
that is where the action is that is where the flow is that is where the beauty is
yes let yourself go there
and be sure
that source will reveal all you need to understand
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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