You are able to Heal, You are able to Love by realitylove

Now is the time
to awaken
to give into that which your soul desires
now is the time
to seek that which you have come to do be and have
now is the time
to live as if there is nothing else
for there is nothing else but now
there is nothing else to live for but now
realize and open your heart to now
to the truth of this moment
you are limitless love
you are able to heal
you are able to love
you are able to be do and have all your soul desires
let go now and breath
let go now and feel love within
and let it flow all around let it transform
be that which is pure true and powerful
that which is beauty in its most powerful form
by allowing love to flow from you heart through and around you
set the intention to be love now
and allow the energy to flow
do this daily do this moment to moment
and transform all that is
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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