Let go of this shadow this illusion this construct by realitylove

Part 1:

yes remember
that all is well at all times
remember that you are an extension of source and you are here to be limitless love
remember that you are here to do the work of source
the will of source
the desires of your soul
that is why you exist to experience
and joy
peace gratitude and every good thing
that is why you exist
if you are not experiencing that
it is because you are not surrendering in this moment
surrender now and allow source to guide you to clarity
to guide you to what needs to be done in each moment
allow source to direct you in your actions thoughts and feelings
let go of the logic
the reasoning that has lead you to this point
and allow source to work beyond what you have known before
know that your best and highest self is already very clear on where and what you need
where you need to go and what you need to be in this moment
you simply allow source energy to remove the blocks that have separated you from realizing who you really are
from being your true self at all times
and you will live in a very new dimension
a very new experience of life is waiting for you now
if  you would but let go of this shadow this illusion this construct that you have accepted as reality
and allow the truth to unfold within you
yes and so it is

Part 2:

let go now and surrender to that which is in you
that which is waiting to unfold
it is the will of source to work through you and do great things
it is the will of source to manifest that which is impossible to others but possible to you because the very will within you desires it and is source deciding to experience this through you
let not your heart be troubled by current appearances
know that you are god
know that you are source the divine incarnate and that you are here to experience that which is beautiful blissful peaceful
let go of all that contradicts
all indeed
do not be apart of that which contradicts your divinity
and make it clear that you are that which is divine
make it clear with love
make it clear with understanding make it clear knowing that whatever others see that is not aligned with the truth of who you are does not apply to you cannot affect you and is not in reality true for them
know that all is well at all times and indeed will always be
know that you are here doing the work of source to enjoy
to bless to fulfill
to expand
you are here to live life to the fullest and now is the time
why would you put it off
do so now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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All is well in every moment! I love that!

Comment by Kathy

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