Seek that direct connection by realitylove

Instruction is always at hand
within and attainable at any moment
if you simply ask and receive
receiving is making yourself available
letting go of the thoughts that crowd your mind
letting go of the conflicting emotions and trauma that cloud your senses
the patterns that are trapped in your energy now
letting them go and allowing them to transform into something better and higher
allowing the messages to come to you through simply
becoming receptive
this can be done through practice
this can be done whenever you are ready to receive
ready to seek that direct connection
with source with god
with your true essence
for this is the nature of life
and you are not separate from that which has made you
you are not separate from the best and most high
you are one
just as all creation is one with the creator if you will
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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