You are Who Source Wants to Be Through You by realitylove

Over and over you think
over and over you speak
over and over you feel
and what is it that you seek what is it that you do these things for
to enjoy is the ultimate path to peace
the ultimate path to alignment
love is passion
love is emotion
love is action
love is existence
align yourself with that which moves you in ways you feel in ways
you know are beyond that of your normal conditioned limited actions feeling and thought
allow that which is most powerful most moving
most passionate
most relieving most inspiring to come through you
for that is what your soul desires
and what that is for you is unique to who you are
who source wants to be through you
allow it to come
seek it if you must
and open to that which is best and highest for all to come through
to unfold freely through you so that you may shine and play your part on this grand stage
for you are here to do exactly that and nothing less
you are here to expand to be an amazing light and to touch the hearts of many
you are here to be inspired to be moved and to be loved as well as to give the same
you are here to be limitless love
on every plane
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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