To Enter The Kingdom of God by realitylove

There is no other way to do this
than surrender
no other way to enter the kingdom of god
than through alignment with source
this is the path this is the answer
this is the life
of the enlightened
surrender to the will of source
is surrender to your soul’s desires
those true desires implanted deep within the core of your soul
not that you cannot obtain them or understand them
for you can
but they are not the desires you often think they are in your conscious mind
most of what you desire externally is just a projection of what
your soul truly desires
remember your soul desires states of being
those that match limitless love
the true and best and highest nature of who you are
the illusions the conditions the limitations you have erroneously
accepted as part of you
are exactly what your true nature will dispel
your true nature will dismantle and transform
for it is important that you surrender your thinking your patterned conditioned limited thinking
so that you may be transformed by the restoration of your conscious mind
through love
limitless love
practice is key
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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