How to Effectively Choose by realitylove

Your focus your attention your awareness
your beingness
all of this is a simple matter of decision
of choice
you choose what to feel in any moment you choose what to practice
where to put your attention
you decided that
in every way
it is now time for you to learn through practice how to effectively choose
where to put your awareness and your attention
how to effectively set intention and align your action thoughts and feelings
to coordinate with these intentions
setting the intentions that align with the best and highest of who you are
the best and highest for all concerned
this is alignment with source
this is the will of source
this is your soul’s desire
and we continue to bring this message to you so that you understand
why you are here
why you live
why you suffer
surrender to the will of source
and all suffering ceases
this is the path to enlightenment the path to joy
the path to abundance
this is the abundant life you have heard of
and this is what source is seeking through you now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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